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Ready for a Healthy Lifestyle? Small changes go a long way

Ready for a Healthy Lifestyle? Small changes go a long way

Having a healthy lifestyle is achievable for everyone with a few small changes here and there. Stephenson Stride offers nutrition, intolerance tests, healthy drinks, online personal training programmes and health/life insurance. 


Here at Stephenson Stride we believe that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle and provide the tools for you to achieve your goals.  A healthy lifestyle is all about creating good habits and stopping bad habits. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Concentrate on one thing at a time to achieve your goals. Slow and controlled is the way forward. Contact us today to start your new lifestyle today.


Nutrition - Start our 16 week nutrition course, avoid foods you are personally intolerant to, change your normal coffee for our healthy coffee and start your day by fueling your body with the correct macronutrients with our breakfast shakes.


Exercise - Train anywhere that suits you with our online training app. Save money on gym fees by training in your own home and check in when you have finished.


Insurance - Sign up for health/life insurance that saves you money as you exercise. Intensives also available as you earn points. Choose from have price trainers, cinema tickets and much more.

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