Step by Step Guide

1)Complete the customer details form and write your client's name and the date clearly on the side of the wand container with the pen provided.Here's where you can enter in text. Feel free to edit, move, delete or add a different page element.














2)Your client should wash their hands thoroughly in warm water and dry.
















3)Wipe the side of your client's finger or thumb with the antiseptic wipe and allow to dry.















4)Twist and pull the cover off the lancet.

















5)Place the lancet against the side of your client's finger or thumb and press the green plunger quickly and firmly to puncture.















6)Hold client's hand at waist level (or lower than heart) and massage finger or thumb from base to tip to produce a large droplet of blood
7)Hold the wand by the plastic cover and allow the blood to soak up. The wand should be red throughout, showing it is completely full. We need this to be full as it contains the precise amount of blood needed for testing.
8)Immediately place the full wand inside the wand cover.
9)Put the sample and the lancet (for safe disposal) back inside the box; and replace the lid on the box.









10)Place your sample and lancet in the kit box. Take your completed customer details form and kit box, and place in the envelope provided.

Remember to include the customer details form, without this Lorisian cannot process a blood sample.

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